Career and Professional Developement

School of Continuing Studies

Undergraduate Courses Timetable Spring / Summer 2018

SectionSubjectCRNPrerequisitesDay OfferedLocation
ACCT 351/751Intermediate Financial Accounting 1839 MGCR 211MON/WEDENGTR 1080
ACCT 385/761Principles of Taxation850 MGCR 211TUE/THUENGTR 1080
ACCT 463/751Management Control851 ACCT 361MON/WEDSHERB550 3rd floor
ACCT 475/761Principles of Auditing840 ACCT 352 or ACCT 312

Business Administration
BUSA 364/751Business Law 1927  MON/WEDENGTR 0100
Computer Science
CCCS 300/754Programming Techniques 11079 Corequisites: CMSC 101 and (MGCR 331 or CCCS 280)MON/WEDTBA
CCCS 300/754Programming Techniques 11079 Corequisites: CMSC 101 and (MGCR 331 or CCCS 280)MON/WEDDISTANCE Online
CCLW 300/764Public Admin. and Law for Indigenous Peoples946  TUE/THUTBA
CCOM 206/701Communication in Engineering556  TUE/THU688SH 223
CCOM 206/702Communication in Engineering557  TUE/THU688SH 365
CCOM 206/703Communication in Engineering558  TUE/THU688SH 395
CCOM 206/704Communication in Engineering559  TUE/THU688SH 361
Comm-Engl for Acad Purp (SCS)
CEAP 642/701Cornerstones of Academic Writing564  TUE/FRI688SH 1265
CEAP 652/701Fundamentals of Academic Presentations614  TUE/FRI688SH 1265
CEAP 661/701Summaries and Critiques616  TUE/FRI688SH 391
CEAP 671/701Selected Topics in Communication 1635  TUE/WED/FRIMACSTW2-02
CEAP 672/701Selected Topics in Communication 2699  FRIMACSTW2-02
Comm-English as 2ed Lang (SCS)
CESL 631/701Strategies for Academic Communication in English617  MON/THU688SH 1265
CESL 651/701Pronunciation for Effective Communication619  MON/THU688SH 1265
General Management
CGMG 210/741Fundamentals of Project Management858 Restriction: Open to students currently in a program. Not open to Special Students.SATENGTR 0100
Health Care
CHLC 415/754Foundations of Legal & Ethical Aspects1080 Co-requisite: CHLC 351MON/WEDTBA
CMRK 200/761Fundamentals of Marketing841  TUE/THUENGTR 0100
CMRK 325/751Global Marketing814 CMRK 200 and CMRK 225MON/WEDENGTR 1090
CMRK 430/751Marketing Applications928 CMRK 200, CMRK 225, CMRK 230, CMRK 235, CMRK 320, CMRK 321, CMRK 322, CMRK 325 and CPRL 221MON/WEDBURN 1B45
Management Science
CMSC 000/751Foundations of Mathematics922  MON/WEDBURN 1B45
CMSC 101/751Mathematical Tools for Management Professionals929 CMSC 000 or Exemption by Examination TestMON/WEDENGTR 1090
Organizational Behaviour
CORG 225/756Foundation of Organizational Behaviour and Admin1027  MON688SH 1285
Public relations
CPRL 220/751Fundamentals of Fund Raising815  MON/WEDENGTR 2110
CPRL 221/751Professional Communication and Networking816  MON/WEDENGTR 0100
CPRL 322/761Cases in Public Relations853 CPRL 224, CPRL 225 and (CPRL 226 or CPRL 227) and CPRL 321 or contact Department for registration approval.TUEENGTR 2100
FINE 342/741Corporate Finance860 MGCR 341SATENGTR 1100
Industrial Relations
INDR 294/751Introduction to Labour Management Relations817  MON/WED210/11
Management Core
MGCR 211/761Introduction to Financial Accounting847  TUEENGMC 12
MGCR 222/761Introduction to Organizational Behaviour818  TUE/THU206/7
MGCR 293/781Managerial Economics855  THU210/11
MGCR 352/761Principles of Marketing843  TUE/THUENGTR 0100
MGCR 423/741Strategic Management864 Open to U2, and U3 students only
Organizational Behaviour
ORGB 420/761Managing Organizational Teams930 MGCR 222TUE/THUARTS W-120
ORGB 423/751Human Resources Management931 MGCR 222MON/WEDARTS W-120
YCCM 208/Professional Writing in Business63  THUSHERB550