Translation and Written Communication

School of Continuing Studies

Graduate Courses Timetable Fall 2017

SectionSubjectCRNPrerequisitesDay OfferedLocation
CCTR 500/781Translation Practicum2119 Undergraduate degree, 30 credits in Translation and permission of department.TBA
CCTR 504/781Professional Contexts25120Restriction(s): Only open to students in the Certificate in Translation.THU688SH 355
CCTR 510/761Computer Assisted Translation2120 CCTR 501 or
CCTR 502 or
CCTR 503
WED688SH 1285
CCTR 530/761Jurilinguistics: Theory and Practice24882Restrictions: Open only to students in the Graduate Certificate in Legal Translation or by Departmental Approval.TUE688SH 365
CCTR 551/701Comprehensive Evaluation2130 Department approval requiredTBA
CCTR 601/701Independent Studies16624Departmental approval required