Career and Professional Developement

School of Continuing Studies

Diploma in Management with a Concentration in Leadership


You may have many skills, but to be an effective manager today you need to provide your team with strong leadership. If you need leadership skills which take you far beyond weekend seminars and on-the-job training, consider this specialization. The five unique courses show you how to develop and use power and influence, how you can become a change agent and how to develop leadership skills in your staff.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
CO-REQUISITES (These courses must be taken at the beginning of the program):
CMS2 500Mathematics for ManagementCMSC 000 or the Exemption by Examination test Note: Course must be completed in the first semester of the Diploma in Management program. TUE WEDWEDTUE WED
CEC2 532Business EconomicsRestricted to students in the Certificates in Finance and Risk Management; or other CPD Graduate programs.MON TUETUEMON TUE
9 REQUIRED Courses:
CACC 520Accounting for ManagementCo-requisite: CMS2 500. Only for students in Cert. in Entrepreneurship, Cert. in Health & Social Serv Mgmt, and for all graduate students.MON TUE THUTHU FRI/SATTUE THU
CFIN 512Corporate Finance(CACC 520 or CACC 521) and CMS2 521MON WEDWEDMON WED
CMS2 521Applied Management StatisticsCMS2 500 or the Exemption by Examination TestWED THUWEDWED THU
CMR2 542Marketing Principles and Applications MONMONMON
CORG 551Behaviour in Organizations TUE WEDTUETUE WED
CPL2 531Leadership Theory and PracticeCore Program  MON
CPL2 533Developing Leadership Skills THU  
CPL2 534Leading in Diverse and Global Workplaces   THU
1 COMPLEMENTARY Course to be chosen from the following:
CPL2 552Strategic ManagementCore Program  THU
CPL2 553Small Business ManagementCACC 520 and CMR2 542WED WED
CPL2 595Topics in LeadershipNone   
CGM2 510Project Management: Tools and TechniquesRestriction: Open to students currently in a graduate program. Not open to Special Students.WEDMON TUE/THUTUE
CMIS 541Information Systems for Managers TUE  
Or any other 500 or 600 graduate level course offered through CPD
and approved by the department.