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_Diploma in Management with a Concentration in Human Resources (Admissions no longer accepted)


Admissions no longer accepted, please refer to the Diploma in Human Resources Management.

This program provides skills to integrate human resources functions with the overall business strategy of an organization. This program covers key areas of management, and specialized Human Resources Management (HRM) courses for managers who want to play a greater role in HRM. HR professionals are also under pressure to know more about other aspects of management, and to manage their own professional development. This program offers both a general knowledge of management, and the possibility of an in-depth study of some of the HR functional areas. Thus, the HR professional learns business fundamentals and strategic linkages impacting HR professional practice.
In addition to the admission requirements for Diploma Programs, students must have an undergraduate degree in an area other than Commerce or equivalent.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
CO-REQUISITES (These courses must be taking at the beginning of the program):
CMS2 500Mathematics for ManagementCMSC 000 Foundations of Mathematics or Exemption by Examination WEDWEDWEDWED
CEC2 532Business Economics THUMON TUEMON TUETHU
9 REQUIRED Courses:
CACC 520Accounting for ManagementCo-requisite: CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management or Exemption by ExaminationTHU FRI/SATTHUTHUTHU
CFIN 512Corporate FinancePre-requisite: (CACC 520 or CACC 521) and Co-requisite: CMS2 521TUEMONMONTUE
CMS2 521Applied Management StatisticsCMS2 500 or the Exemption by Examination TestWEDWEDWEDWED
CMR2 542Marketing Principles and Applications MONMONMONMON
CORG 551Behaviour in Organizations MON to FRI THUTUE WEDTUE WEDTHU
CORG 555Strategic Human Resources ManagementCo-requisite: CORG 551WEDTHUTHUWED
CORG 560Staffing OrganizationsCORG 555  WEDWED 
CORG 561Developing Human ResourcesCORG 555 TUETUE 
CORG 562Total Compensation and RewardsCORG 555 MONMON 
1 COMPLEMENTARY Course to be chosen from the following:
CGM2 510Project Management: Tools and TechniquesNot open to Special StudentsMON/SATTUEWEDMON/SAT
CORG 553Employee and Labour RelationsRestricted to students in the graduate HR and Health Care programs or with Departmental approval. MONMON 
CORG 554Managing Occupational Health and Safety  TUETUE 
CORG 565Managing HR Mgmt. Info.CORG 555  THU 
CORG 570International Human Resources ManagementCORG 555    
CORG 590Topics in Human Resources ManagementCORG 555, CORG 560, CORG 561 and CORG 562    
CPL2 532Leading Change MON to FRITUETUE 
CPL2 534Leading in Diverse and Global Workplaces MON to FRITHU  
Or any other 500 or 600 graduate level course offered through CPD
and approved by the department.