Career and Professional Development

School of Continuing Studies

Certificate in Management


The Certificate prepares students for positions in general management and sets the stage for further management education. It presents a broad survey of underlying disciplines, and an introduction to the functional areas in management.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
CO-REQUISITES (must be taken at the beginning of the program):
CCOM 205Communication in Management 1 MON MON/THU THU   
CMSC 101College Algebra and FunctionsCMSC 000 or the Exemption by Examination testTUE THUTUE/THUWED THU 
6 REQUIRED Courses: (18 credits)
MGCR 211Introduction to Financial Accounting TUE WEDTUETUE WED 
MGCR 222Introduction to Organizational Behaviour SAT TUE WEDMON/WED TUE/THUSAT TUE WED 
MGCR 273Introductory Management StatisticsCMSC 101 or the Exemption by Examination TestWED WED 
MGCR 293Managerial Economics MONMON/WEDMON 
MGCR 341Finance IMGCR 273 for SCS Students or MGCR 271 or EquivalentWEDWEDWED 
MGCR 352Marketing Management 1 TUETUE/THUTUE 
4 COMPLEMENTARY courses to be completed as follows: (12 credits)
1 or 2 COMPLEMENTARY Courses must be chosen from the following:
BUSA 464Management of Small EnterprisesMGCR 341WED WED 
MGCR 423Strategic ManagementAdvanced student (Minimum 5 required courses completed) THUTUE/THUTHU 
2 or 3 COMPLEMENTARY Courses to be chosen from the following:
ACCT 361Management AccountingMGCR 211TUEMONTUE 
BUSA 364Business Law 1 WEDMON/WEDWED 
BUSA 368Business Law 2BUSA 364    
CGMG 282Introduction to Business TUETUE/THU  
ECON 295Macroeconomic PolicyCorequiste: MGCR 293TUE TUE 
FINE 342Finance 2MGCR 341 Note: Only one of FINE 342 or FINE 343 can be counted for credit.MONTUEMON 
FINE 343Managerial FinanceMGCR 341 Restriction: Only one of FINE 342 or FINE 343 can be counted for credit.     
FINE 443Applied Corporate FinanceFINE 342    
MGCR 331Information SystemsCMSC 101 or the Exemption by Examination Test or Departmental ApprovalMONMONMON TUE 
MGCR 360Social Context of Business     
MGCR 382International Business THUMON/WEDTHU 
MGCR 472Operations ManagementMGCR 271    
MGPO 450Ethics in ManagementAdvanced studentTHU   
MGSC 272Advanced Business StatisticsMGCR 273 for CCE students for MGCR 271 or equivalent.    
MGSC 373Operations Research 1MGCR 273    
ORGB 420Managing Organizational TeamsMGCR 222FRI/SATMON/WEDTHU 
ORGB 423Human Resources ManagementMGCR 222THUTUE/THUWED 
CGMG 210Fundamentals of Project ManagementRestriction: Open to students currently in a program. Not open to Special Students.MONMON/SAT THUTUE