Translation and Written Communication

School of Continuing Studies

Graduate Diploma in Translation Spanish to English


The Graduate Diploma in Translation provides academic training in translation at the professional level. The Diploma, when combined with the Certificate in Translation or equivalent, will give access to the professional designation delivered by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agrees du Quebec.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
Entrance Examination Required
6 Required Courses:
CCTR 503Translation Studies (Engilsh/French/Spanish) MON WED 
CCTR 510Computer Assisted TranslationCCTR 501 or CCTR 502  TUE 
CCTR 520Applied Research: LexicographyCCTR 501 or CCTR 502, CCTR 510 TUE/THU  
CCTR 523Text Revision in Spanish TUE   
CCTR 526Linguistics for TranslationCCTR 501 or CCTR 502  THU 
CCTR 527History of TranslationCCTR 501 or CCTR 502WED   
3 Courses from:
CCTR 521Advanced comparative Stylistics     
CCTR 522Advanced Précis-Writing (Spanish)     
CCTR 524Differential History of Spanish     
CCTR 525Spanish Canon in Translation     
1 Complementary course from:
CCTR 500Translation Practicum Undergraduate Degree and permission of Department   
CCTR 512Specialized Translation 1CCTR 502  WED 
CCTR 533Specialized Translation (English/French) THU   
CCTR 516The French Canon in Translation   MON 
CCTR 518Differential History of English     
CCTR 519Guided Cultural Reading     
CCTR 528Current Cultural Topics FRI   
CCTR 601Independent StudiesDepartmental Permission  
Required for Completion
CCTR 551Comprehensive Evaluation MON