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School of Continuing Studies

Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication- Spanish


The 18-credit Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication — Spanish provides students with the tools for more effective intercultural or international professional communication in a variety of occupational domains. It is intended to perfect students' linguistic competence in Spanish in communication specific areas and create a deeper understanding of linguistic and cultural diversity. The program provides an effective way of attaining an advanced superior level of proficiency (C1+C2) in Spanish for specific purposes, thus endowing students with the necessary savoir-faire for professional communication.

Note: All students must successfully pass the Entrance Examination. Otherwise they may be advised to take a qualifying course or program.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
4 Required Courses
CSPN 541Lang. and Culture for Prof. Comm.Language Competence Exam or proof of equivalent     
CSPN 542Written Communication Contexts     
CSPN 543Oral Communication Contexts     
CSPN 544Professional Discourse     
2 Complementary Courses
CCTR 522Advanced Précis-Writing (Spanish)     
CCTR 523Text Revision in Spanish     
CCTR 524Differential History of Spanish     
CSPN 540Organizational Culture in the Hispanic WorldLanguage Competence Exam or proof of equivalent