Career and Professional Development

School of Continuing Studies

_Diploma in Supply Chain and Operations Management (Prior to Summer 2016)


The core program offers high level tools of analysis for acquiring an in-depth understanding of supply chain operations. It offers students opportunities to specialize in areas such as quality management, lean manufacturing, service operations and project management. The program contents are included in the body of knowledge of a Green Belt and Project Management Institute.
There is one co-requisite course for the program, CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management, which must be taken prior to taking certain required courses in this program. Students who wish to apply for advanced standing for co-rerequisite courses must complete an Advanced Standing form at the time of admission or they may take an Exemption by Examination test.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
CMS2 500Mathematics for ManagementCMSC 000 Foundations of Mathematics or Exemption by Examination WEDWEDWEDWED
10 REQUIRED Courses: (30 Credits)
CGM2 510Project Management: Tools and TechniquesNot open to Special StudentsWED FRI/SATSATTUEMON
CMS2 505Quantitative Analysis Tools in Decision MakingCo-requisite: CMS2 500  TUE 
CMS2 515Operations ManagementCo-requisite: CMS2 500  MON 
CMS2 524Management of Service OperationsCMS2 515THU  THU
CMS2 525Supply Chain ManagementCMS2 505 and CMS2 515WED  WED
CMS2 531Re-engineering and Integration of Business SystemsCMS2 525  WED 
CMS2 532Lean Operations Systems   THU 
CMS2 540Six-Sigma Quality ManagementCMS2 500 and CMS2 532MON  MON
CMS2 550Supply Chain Field ProjectPre-req: CMS2 524 and CMS2 540 Co-req: CMS2 531  MON 
CMS2 530Simulation Analysis and ModelingCMS2 505