Career and Professional Development

School of Continuing Studies

Diploma in Public Relations & Communications Management


This diploma program is intended for those wishing to pursue a career in public relations and communications, those whose management responsibilities include PR/communications, or those already working in the field who would like to further their academic background. Students gain knowledge in a range of specializations that will help them build their careers in the consulting, corporate or not-for-profit sectors. Material is updated regularly to include new technology and emerging issues. While skills are taught, major emphasis is placed on the strategic aspects of public relations.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
7 Required Courses: (21 Credits)
CPRL 510Fundamentals of P.R. MON   
CPRL 520Applied P.R. CommunicationCorequisite: CPRL 510 TUE   
CPRL 530Internal Stakeholder CommunicationCorequisite: CPRL 510 and CPRL 520    
CPRL 531Media Context and ApplicationsCorequisite: CPRL 510 and CPRL 520THU   
CPRL 535Public Opinion and Public PolicyCorequisite: CPRL 531WED   
CPRL 540Communication PlanningCPRL 530 and CPRL 535WEDTUE  
CPRL 541Ethics in Public RelationsCorequisite: CPRL 510 and CPRL 520    
3 Complementary Courses from: (9 Credits)
1 to 2 Courses to be chosen from the following: (3-6 Credits)
CPRL 533Communications in the Corporate SectorCPRL 510 and CPRL 520MON   
CPRL 534Communications in the Not-For-Profit SectorCPRL 510 and CPRL 520    
1 to 2 Courses to be chosen from the following: (3-6 Credits)
CGM2 510Project Management: Tools and TechniquesNot open to Special StudentsMONSAT  
CMIS 544Digital Marketing Automation, Planning and Tech. TUE   
CMR2 542Marketing Principles and Applications MONMON/WED  
CORG 551Behaviour in Organizations TUE MON/WEDMON/WED  
CPRL 515Fund-Raising and Philantrophy  MON/WED  
CPRL 532Public Relations Event Management     
CPRL 590Topics in Public RelationsCPRL 530 CPRL 531 or Departmental Approval    
Or any other 500 or 600 graduate level course offered through CPD and approved b