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_Diploma in Management with a Concentration in E-Business (Admissions no longer accepted)


Admissions no longer accepted, please refer to the Diploma in Management with a Concentration in Internet Business.

This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop E-Business knowledge and skills. It will equip students with tools to deal with the revolution in business that is being generated by the Internet and to adapt to a new and rapidly changing market.
Please note that there is one external course, CMIS 541 Information Systems for Managers, which is a pre-requisite for the concentration and complementary courses in the program and must be completed prior to commencing the program or can be taken concurrently with the co-requisite courses. Students who wish to apply for Advanced Standing for the pre-requisite or co-requisite courses to the program must complete an Advanced Standing form at the time of admission or they may take an Exemption by Examination test.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
CO-REQUISITES (These courses must be taking at the beginning of the program):
CMS2 500Mathematics for ManagementCMSC 000 Foundations of Mathematics or Exemption by Examination WEDWED  
CEC2 532Business Economics MON TUETHU  
9 REQUIRED Courses:
CACC 520Accounting for ManagementCo-requisite: CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management or Exemption by ExaminationTHU   
CFIN 512Corporate FinancePre-requisite: (CACC 520 or CACC 521) and Co-requisite: CMS2 521SATSAT  
CMIS 542Strategic Internet Marketing     
CMIS 543Digital Customer Experience MON   
CMIS 544Digital Marketing Automation, Planning and Tech. TUE   
CMIS 547E- Business Project ManagementCMIS 542    
CMS2 521Applied Management StatisticsCMS2 500 or the Exemption by Examination TestWEDWED  
CMR2 542Marketing Principles and Applications MONMON/WED  
CORG 551Behaviour in Organizations TUE MON/WEDMON/WED  
1 COMPLEMENTARY Course to be chosen from the following:
CACC 540E-Business SecurityCMIS 544    
CCLW 540E-Business Law     
CMIS 535Topics in E-BusinessCMIS 541    
CMIS 546E-Business OperationsCMIS 543    
CMR2 550E-Business Marketing StrategiesCMR2 548    
Or any other 500 or 600 graduate level course offered through CPD
EXCEPT those in Diploma in Accounting and Diploma in Information Technology.