Career and Professional Development

School of Continuing Studies

Diploma in Applied Finance


This program aims to provide students with effective and applicable competencies in the frontiers of finance using learner-centered instructional methods. The program is designed to provide training in the techniques and nuances expected of a successful professional in various finance related fields, such as corporate finance, investment banking and portfolio management, risk management, treasury finance, financial planning and sustainable financial management.
There are two external prerequisite courses to the program, which must be taken prior to taking certain required courses in this program. Students who wish to apply for advanced standing for prerequisite courses must complete an Advanced Standing form at the time of admission or they may take an Exemption by Examination test. Prerequisites and corequisites are not included in the total credit requirements for the program.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
CACC 521Concepts of Financial Accounting THUTUE  
CMS2 500Mathematics for ManagementCMSC 000 Foundations of Mathematics or Exemption by Examination WEDWED  
CEC2 532Business Economics MON TUETHU  
CMS2 521Applied Management StatisticsCMS2 500 or the Exemption by Examination TestWEDWED  
7 REQUIRED COURSES: (21 Credits)
CFIN 500Financial Markets and Institutions MON   
CFIN 507Analysis of Financial StatementsCACC 521THU   
CFIN 512Corporate FinancePre-requisite: (CACC 520 or CACC 521) and Co-requisite: CMS2 521SATSAT  
CFIN 522Applied Topics in Corporate FinanceCFIN 512SATSAT  
CFIN 525Treasury ManagementCACC 521MON   
CFIN 530Investment AnalysisCEC2 532 and CFIN 512    
CFIN 540Introduction to International FinanceCFIN 512 TUE   
3 COMPLEMENTARY Courses to be chosen from the following: (9 Credits)
CFIN 501Retirement, Estate and Tax Planning     
CFIN 515Behavioural Finance SAT   
CFIN 528Strategic Asset and Liability ManagementCACC 521    
CFIN 552Firm ValuationCACC 521 and CFIN 512    
CFIN 553Corporate Mergers and AcquisitionsCACC 521 and CFIN 512WED   
CFIN 562Finance and Sustainable EnterpriseCACC 521    
CFIN 590Topics in FinanceCFIN 522 or CFIN 525 or CFIN 530 or CFIN 540SAT   
CFIN 595Derivatives and Risk Management ToolsCFIN 500 and CFIN 512    
CPD2 505Risk Management and Insurance