Translation and Written Communication

School of Continuing Studies

Certificate in Translation English to French


The Certificate in Translation program is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of translation. The program is the equivalent of one year of full-time university study and requires the completion of 30 credits. Non-credit preparatory courses must be completed by students who do not succeed in the Entrance Examination.
The Comparative Stylistics course is designed to alert students to the uses of language and to the problems of translation; the translation courses provide practical experience in the actual translation of texts in a variety of fields. In the first stages of the program equal time is devoted to translation in the two languages of choice. In the final stage, students are divided according to the language of specialization they have chosen.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
Entrance Examination Required
Preparatory Courses
CCTR 222English Usage for TranslatorsEntrance exam    
CCTR 223Le bon usage pour traducteursEntrance exam    
9 Required Courses :
CCTR 225French Translation 1Entrance examWED   
CCTR 226English Translation 1Entrance examTHU   
CCTR 232Documentation and TerminologyEntrance examFRIFRI  
CCTR 310Comparative Stylistics 2Entrance examMONTHU  
CCTR 325French Translation 2CCTR 225 CCTR 226 CCTR 310THUWED  
CCTR 326English Translation 2CCTR 225 CCTR 226 CCTR 310 THU  
CCTR 233Techniques: Rédaction pour TraducteursEntrance Exam    
CCTR 433French Translation 3CCTR 325 CCTR 326WED   
CCTR 435French Translation 4CCTR 325 CCTR 326 THU  
1 Complementary Course from:
CCTR 230Precis-Writing/Contraction: TexteEntrance Exam    
CCTR 330Text Revision/Revision : texte 01CCTR 325 CCTR 326  MON  
CCTR 331Translation Theory/PracticeEntrance Exam FRI   
CCTR 333Spanish Translation (into French)Entrance Exam    
CCTR 334Spanish Translation (into English)Entrance ExamWED   
CCTR 360Spanish Translation 2Entrance Exam    
CCTR 401Independent Studies: TranslationPermission of the Program Director  
CCTR 441Traduction Littéraire-Français     
CCTR 500***Translation PracticumCCTR 232, CCTR 233 or CCTR 234, CCTR 434/436 or CCTR 433/435, or equivalent and departmental permission.   
CCOM 205Communication in Management 1 MON THUMON  
CCTR 504Professional ContextsRestriction(s): Only open to students in the Certificate in Translation.THU