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Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish


The Centre offers the Certificate of Proficiency in Spanish program: Level 1 to Level 4 courses are offered on a part-time basis evenings and weekends. Students who have studied the language at some other institution may be exempted from one or two levels depending on the progress they have made.

Students wishing to enter the program may write the classification test. See Classification tests for Spanish for precise dates. Only 'true beginners' can enter directly into Level 1 without having to take the test; all other students are required to write it.

Students do not need to apply for official entry into the program since this is a part-time program.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
CSPN 211Spanish 1 (Spanish First Level) TUE   
CSPN 221Spanish 2 (Spanish Second Level)CSPN 211 or equivalentTUE   
CSPN 231Spanish 3 (Spanish Third Level)CSPN 221 or equivalentTUE   
CSPN 241Spanish 4 (Spanish Fourth Level)CSPN 231 or equivalentTHU