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Certificate in Public Relations & Communications Management (Program as of Fall 2012)


The field of Public Relations and Communications Management has been changing dramatically in recent years. Digital (including social) media is changing the way publics and organizations communicate. Increased consciousness by companies of their social responsibility, and a need for greater accountability to stakeholders, have led to an awareness in both the corporate and the not-for-profit sector that organizations need to rely on the advice and services of well trained professional communicators. The program content is continually updated with best practices in industry. Students have opportunities to discuss real and evolving public relations cases directly with industry professionals.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
8 REQUIRED Courses: (24 Credits)
CPRL 214Applied Public Relations Methods 1Corequisite: CPRL 223 TUETUE 
CPRL 223Basics of Public Relations  MONMON 
CPRL 224Applied Public Relations Methods 2(EDEC 207 or CCOM 207 or CPRL 214) and CPRL 223 TUETUE 
CPRL 225Social and Traditional Media RelationsCorequisites: (EDEC 207 or CCOM 207 or CPRL 214) and CPRL 223  THU 
CPRL 226Corporate Communications(CCOM 214 or CCOM 207 or EDEC 207) and CPRL 223   MON 
CPRL 227Internal CommunicationCorequisite: (CPRL 214 or CCOM 207 or EDEC 207) and CPRL 223 THU  
CPRL 321PR Issues ManagementCPRL 214 or CCOM 207 or EDEC 207 and CPRL 223  WED 
CPRL 322Cases in Public RelationsCPRL 224, CPRL 225 and (CPRL 226 or CPRL 227) and CPRL 321 or contact Department for registration approval.TUE/FRIMONTUETUE/FRI
2 COMPLEMENTARY Courses to be chosen from the following: (6 Credits)
CGMG 210Fundamentals of Project ManagementRestriction: Open to students currently in a program. Not open to Special Students.MON/THUTUEMON 
CPRL 220Fundamentals of Fund Raising WED  WED
CPRL 228Event Management  WED  
MGCR 222Introduction to Organizational Behaviour MON/WED MON to SAT TUE/THUSAT TUE WEDSAT TUE WEDMON/WED TUE/THU
MGCR 352Principles of Marketing TUE/THUTUETUETUE/THU
MGCR 360Social Context of Business