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School of Continuing Studies

Certificate in Applied Marketing


The Certificate in Applied Marketing is intended for students who wish to acquire basic knowledge of the marketing field that will allow them to aspire to entry-level positions in business, industry and not-for-profit organizations. It will introduce students to theories and concepts of marketing, and provide an opportunity to apply these in practical situations.

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
10 REQUIRED COURSES: (30 Credits)
CMRK 200Fundamentals of Marketing TUE/THUTUETUE 
CMRK 225Marketing Statistics and ResearchCo-requisite: CMRK 200 WEDWED 
CMRK 230Personal Selling and Customer ServicesCo-requisite: CMRK 200 MON  
CMRK 235Digital Media MarketingCo-requisite: CMRK 200 THU  
CMRK 320Principles of Consumer BehaviourCMRK 200 and CMRK 225  WED 
CMRK 321Integrated Marketing CommunicationsCMRK 200 and CMRK 225  TUE 
CMRK 322Basics of Service MarketingCMRK 200 and CMRK 225  MON 
CMRK 325Global MarketingCMRK 200 and CMRK 225MON/WED THU 
CMRK 430Marketing ApplicationsCMRK 200, CMRK 225, CMRK 230, CMRK 235, CMRK 320, CMRK 321, CMRK 322, CMRK 325 and CPRL 221TUE   
CPRL 221Professional Communication and Networking SATSAT MON MON to SAT FRI/SATSAT