Career and Professional Development

School of Continuing Studies

Certificate in Accounting (Program as of Fall 2014)


This program aims to provide students with the appropriate competencies in the area of accounting using learner-centered instructional methods so as to prepare them for a variety of careers in accounting. The program is designed to provide a solid knowledge base in various accounting related fields, such as financial and managerial accounting, taxation, auditing and corporate finance.
There are two external prerequisite courses to the program, which must be taken prior to taking certain required courses in this program. Students who wish to apply for advanced standing for prerequisite courses must complete an Advanced Standing form at the time of admission or they may take an Exemption by Examination test. Prerequisites and corequisites are not included in the total credit requirements for the program

NumberTitlePrerequisitesAvailable Times
(These courses must be taken prior to beginning the Cert. in Accounting program)
MGCR 211Introduction to Financial Accounting TUE WEDTUE WEDTUETUE WED
CMSC 101College Algebra and FunctionsCMSC 000 or the Exemption by Examination testWEDTUETUE/THUWED
CO-REQUISITES (These courses must be taken at the beginning of the program):
MGCR 273Introductory Management StatisticsCMSC 101 or the Exemption by Examination TestWEDWED WED
MGCR 293Managerial Economics MONMONMON/WEDMON
8 REQUIRED COURSES: (24 Credits)
ACCT 351Intermediate Financial Accounting 1MGCR 211THUTHUTUE/THUTHU
ACCT 352Intermediate Financial Accounting 2ACCT 351 and MGCR 341 or ACCT 311 and MGCR 341THUTHUTUE/THUTHU
ACCT 361Management AccountingMGCR 211TUETUEMONTUE
ACCT 362Cost AccountingACCT 361TUETUE TUE
ACCT 385Principles of TaxationMGCR 211MONMONMON/WEDMON
ACCT 453Advanced Financial AccountingACCT 352 or ACCT 312 WEDWEDWEDWED
ACCT 475Principles of AuditingACCT 352 or ACCT 312 MONMONTUE/THUMON
MGCR 341Introduction to FinanceMGCR 273 for SCS Students or MGCR 271 or EquivalentWEDWEDMON/SATWED
2 COMPLEMENTARY Courses to be chosen from the following: (6 Credits)
ACCT 354Financial Statement AnalysisMGCR 211 and MGCR 341TUETUE TUE
ACCT 455Development of Accounting ThoughtACCT 352 or ACCT 312 This course has replaced ACCT 454. WED  
ACCT 463Management ControlACCT 361TUETUEMON/SATTUE
ACCT 477External AuditingACCT 475    
ACCT 486Business Taxation 2ACCT 385 or ACCT 412MONSAT MON
FINE 342Corporate FinanceMGCR 341 Note: Only one of FINE 342 or FINE 343 can be counted for credit.MONMONTUEMON
MGCR 331Information SystemsCMSC 101 or the Exemption by Examination Test or Departmental ApprovalMON WEDMONMONMON WED
MGCR 423Strategic ManagementAdvanced student (Minimum 5 required courses completed) THUTHUTUE/THUTHU