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MGCR 331 : Information Systems

Course Description

Introduction to principles and concepts of information systems in organizations. Topics include information technology, transaction processing systems, decision support systems, database and systems development. Students are required to have background preparation on basic micro computer skills including spreadsheet and word-processing.


CMSC101: College Algebra and Functions

Available Section(s) for Fall 2015 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
MGCR 331/7512055 MONBURN 1B45
MGCR 331/77221628WEDTBA
Available Section(s) for Winter 2016 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
MGCR 331/7512004 MONTBA
Available Section(s) for Spring/Summer 2016 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
The tentative timetable is not yet available for the Fall 2016 Term