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CPRL 227 : Internal Communication

Course Description

An examination of how internal communication strategies are designed and implemented to ensure people within an organization work together effectively and efficiently to support the organization's business plan, including the definition and purpose of internal communications that add value, as well as the communication needs of internal stakeholders.


CPRL223: Basics of Public Relations
EDEC207: Communication in PR
EDEC205: Communication in Management 1
CPRL214: Applied Public Relations Methods 1
CCOM207: Communication in Public Relations
EDEC207: Communication in PR
CPRL223: Basics of Public Relations

Available Section(s) for Fall 2015 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CPRL 227/78113745THUARTS 260
This Course Is Not Offered During Winter 2016 Term
The tentative timetable is not yet available for the Spring/Summer 2016 Term
Available Section(s) for Fall 2016 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation