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CMR2 556 : Buyer Behaviour

Course Description

This course focuses on the behaviour of the consumer in the marketplace and the research approaches used to gain an understanding of that behaviour. Once sensitized to issues of human behaviour in this context, students develop a deeper understanding of the basic processes specific to consumer behaviour.


CMR2542: Marketing Principles and Applications
CMR2548: Processes of Marketing Research

Available Section(s) for Winter 2017 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CMR2 556/77113428WEDRPHYS 118
CMR2 556/77100000WEDTBA
This Course Is Not Offered During Spring/Summer 2017 Term
The tentative timetable is not yet available for the Fall 2017 Term
Available Section(s) for Winter 2018 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CMR2 556/77113428WEDTBA