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CMR2 542 : Marketing Principles and Applications

Course Description

Covers the different aspects of marketing operations: the marketing concept, the analysis and research of market opportunities, the planning, implentation, and control of the marketing program (Product, Promotion, Distribution, and Pricing). The course focuses on Canadian market environment and Canadian market institutions. Lectures and case studies on an individual basis and/or involving team work will be used.



Available Section(s) for Winter 2015 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CMR2 542/7512044 MONBURN 1B39
Available Section(s) for Spring/Summer 2015 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CMR2 542/751768 MONEDUC 627
Available Section(s) for Fall 2015 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CMR2 542/751 MONTBA
The tentative timetable is not yet available for the Winter 2016 Term