Language and Intercultural Communication

School of Continuing Studies

CEEN 401 : English Vocabulary in Context

Course Description

Focuses on English communication through the study of vocabulary and its function in discourse. Broadens the field and mode of oral/written communication by developing "lexical competence". Identifies the nature and role of words, phrasal verbs and idioms through the study of semantics and intense practice of vocabulary in context.


CEEN331: Functional English Grammar/Writing 3
CEEN332: English Communication Practice 3

Available Section(s) for Fall 2017 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CEEN 401/70112543SATSHERB550
CEEN 401/78111104THU688SH 01085
Available Section(s) for Winter 2018 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CEEN 401/70113269SAT688SH 1085
CEEN 401/7817054 THU688SH 1085
Available Section(s) for Spring/Summer 2018 Term
SectionCRNDay OfferedLocation
CEEN 401/7611051 TUE/THUTBA
The tentative timetable is not yet available for the Fall 2018 Term