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_Certificate in Computers and Information Technology (Admissions no longer accepted.Program prior to Fall 2020)


This tailored program is intended for Indigenous students as a result of the need expressed by the Indigenous community leaders. The twenty first century demands multidisciplinary individuals, teams, communities and organizations. The Certificate in Computers and Information Technology is a bridge to higher- level computer qualifications. It provides a solid foundation in the concepts and techniques required for effective planning, design and development of software applications and systems, Internet technologies, applied computer knowledge and networking. The program will help develop skills necessary to assume positions in the fields of information technology, technical support, Internet and web specialism, computer support consulting, and help desk analysis.

Please note that the courses in this program are currently being offered online.

The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Kindly note that for Summer 2020, CCCS 280 is not opened to students in the Certificate in Computer and Information Technology program.


Number Title Prerequisites Available Times
Winter 2020 Spring/Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2021
CCCS 280 Introduction to Computer Information Systems WED
CCCS 300 Programming Techniques 1 Corequisites: MGCR 331 or CCCS 280 THU
CCCS 310 Web Development CCCS 300 TUE
CCCS 315 Data Structures & Algorithms CCCS 300 MON
CCCS 321 Operating Systems Administration Co-requisite: MGCR 331 or CCCS 280 TUE
CCCS 325 Mobile Application Development Prerequisite: CCCS 300. MON
CCCS 330 Database Design and Business Applications Dev. CCCS 300 THU
CCCS 425 Web Services CCCS 300 MON
CCCS 431 Networking Fundamentals CCCS 300 TUE
CMIS 422 Information System Security Co-requisite: MGCR 331 or CCCS 280 MON