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_Certificate in Management (Program prior to Fall 2019)


The Certificate program provides an introduction to and a survey of the underlying disciplines of the functional areas in the management field. Emphasis on the development of core competencies in accounting, economics, marketing, and finance, and the written and oral communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills required in all sectors of the management job market , from small businesses, private companies, large corporations, and financial institutions, to government agencies and other public institutions. Note: Corequisite courses are not included in the total credit requirement for the program.


Number Title Prerequisites Available Times
Spring/Summer 2019 Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring/Summer 2020
1 CO-REQUISITE (This course must be taken at the beginning of the program):
CMSC 101 Mathematical Tools for Management Professionals CMSC 000 or Exemption by Examination Test MON/WED
8 REQUIRED Courses: (24 credits)
CCOM 205 Communication in Management 1 TUE/THU
CGMG 282 Introduction to Business SAT
MGCR 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting TUE
MGCR 222 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour MON/WED
MGCR 273 Introductory Management Statistics CMSC 101 or Exemption by Examination
MGCR 293 Managerial Economics THU
MGCR 341 Introduction to Finance MGCR 273 for SCS Students or MGCR 271 or Equivalent
MGCR 352 Principles of Marketing TUE/THU
2 COMPLEMENTARY (6 credits)
BUSA 364 Business Law 1 MON/WED
CGMG 210 Fundamentals of Project Management Restriction: Open to students currently in a program. Not open to Special Students. SAT
ECON 295 Macroeconomic Policy Corequiste: MGCR 293
MGCR 331 Information Systems CMSC 101 or equivalent, Basic computer skills including DOS, Spreadsheets and Word-processing and Database
MGCR 382 International Business
MGPO 450 Ethics in Management
ORGB 423 Human Resources Management MGCR 222 MON/WED
MGCR 423 Strategic Management SAT