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CGMG 282 : Introduction to Business

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A broad introduction to business based on the functional areas: accounting, finance, human resources management, industrial relations, marketing, production, and general management. For each area lectures introduce basic concepts, which students apply to cases that depict the complexity of decision-making in the business world. (This course is required by students fulfilling the C.I.M. requirements).


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This Course was not Offered During Spring/Summer 2022 Term

Available Section(s) for Fall 2022 Term
Section CRN Day Offered Location
CGMG 282/741 1725 SAT Campus .

Available Section(s) for Winter 2023 Term
Section CRN Day Offered Location
CGMG 282/741 1594 TBA TBA

The tentative timetable is not yet available for the Spring/Summer 2023 Term